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Why we don't do Black Fridays?

Why we don't do Black Fridays?

Posted on November 21 2018


We at SEP Jordan don’t do Black Friday. Despite it being a big event for many brands, we choose not to succumb to the marketing hype and high markdowns. Our approach is different, and it could be viewed as strange by some. This is why we wanted to share our thoughts here. At SEP Jordan, you can buy unique products, with focus on value and craftsmanship. We won’t be loud about crazy bargains, trying to push leftover products down our clients’ throats.


For you – from our SEP team

As we are primarily an online business. We always make sure that you can find exactly what you need, regardless of what day it is. If you chose, you can also customize your products. We pride ourselves on the care and expertise that make our offerings gratifying.



Buying accessories and homeware requires care and attention. At SEP Jordan, we care about what our products are made of, and how they are made. We often use noble materials like cashmere, and we work with refugee artists of unique skill who have been trained in our academy to delicately hand-stitch embroideries. Our prices are reasonable as are products are of the highest quality. We believe, that the priority should not be of getting something at rock-bottom cost. Instead, you want a product that will last and looks great. Our accessories, and home collection are works of precision that will be there for you and your beloved all year round and for years to come.

Investing in a luscious new cashmere shawl or falling in love with one of the color combinations of our iconic keffiyehs, or getting breadbaskets ready for the festive season – these are all things that require care and thought. We’ve all bought things on a whim and then never used them again. We did not care about them. They didn’t enhance our lives. They just became clutter, and ended up taking up space and have became one more thing that needed to be sorted out. We think you need time to choose your purchases wisely. The quality, beauty, and story of our products speak far louder than a “get it cheap now” promotion. We want you to fall in love with our products, not simply their price tag.

Ethicality and Sustainability

We don’t like fast fashion and we produce our offerings ethically. This ethos doesn’t fit with the consumerism of Black Friday. The SEP design team, and our refugee artists work tirelessly to create classic and elegant products, rather than following the latest fad. Our cashmere, and linen get better with every wash and will keep going for many years, meaning that your money goes further and there is less waste from discarded items. We have a great range of colors. It means you can incorporate color trends, but not be a slave to them. A SEP Jordan product is an heirloom-in-the-making rather than a disposable, short-lived purchase.



The fact that our creations are sold in 10 countries worldwide shows that there is already a strong market for our products. We are regularly featured in the press including Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. We believe that recommendations from trusted sources, and working collaboratively with other businesses to promote our products is far better for us, and most importantly for you. You can trust that the item you are investing in will be just what you wanted, and if you’re not completely happy, we will make an exchange for you. So these are the reasons you won’t find any Black Friday promotions here. Just exquisitely crafted, expertly designed, conscious, soft and comfortable, exquisite accessories for you, and your home.

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