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Meet Hanin Odeh, SEP Guardian Angel in Berlin

Meet Hanin Odeh, SEP Guardian Angel in Berlin

Posted on April 02 2022

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Hanin Odeh, SEP Guardian Angel in Berlin! 

Hanin is a Jordanian international development consultant. A proud working mother of two. A believer in the power of women, and a public health advocate.

After an MSc of (Social Policy and Development at the London School of Economics) with specific focus on refugees integration in host countries, Hanin worked with the private and non for profit sectors for the past 16 years. Before moving to Germany with her kids in 2021 to join her husband, she was Director General of the Royal Health Awareness Society in Jordan. This is when SEP and Hanin first met: our Founders Roberta and Stefano sat down with Hanin at the World Economic Forum Dead Sea in 2017, to discuss collaboration opportunities focused on health of women and children in Jerash Camp.  


Hanin has leadership, financial, legal and human resources expertise in setting up and managing developmental projects, she loves taking on new challenges driven by her passion to create social change, where also structural and cultural changes in humanity and organisations fascinate her.

Hanin has been a SEP Ambassador for years and as soon as she heard we were looking for a "home" in Berlin, she was in full swing and she gets full credit for supporting the registration of SEP, and identifying our new store location, Choriner Strasse 59: thank you!


“SEP is a cause very dear to my heart! I could not help but connect with Roberta when I saw the need for someone to help out SEP establish a store in Berlin. I am so grateful I was given this opportunity, although I did not know the city at all at the time! SEP has provided me with a unique chance to discover Berlin scouting through the cozy alleys of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg among other “Kiez”, trying to live the vibe that would suit the SEP brand. Of couse, I had also been brushing up my German navigating through the registration process and paper work!”


Did you know? Hanin in Arabic means Nostalgia. 


"SEP values really speak to me. An ethical business, and a BCorp that balances social impact and profit. SEP has even changed my perspective of how I personally shop. Once you SEP, you can’t really stop. I have started making deliberate effort to having my outfit carry a message, and support a cause. What is more rewarding than knowing that with each intricate, magnificent piece that you wear, you are telling a story of an artist, who happens to be a refugee woman, and supporting her livelihood!”


“I couldn’t be prouder to be part of the SEP journey: Bringing the work and stories of women artists from refugee camps in Jordan, all the way to the heart of Europe! In Berlin, there is certainly a natural home and connection with the SEP brand. This is a place that is very diverse, hip, and continues to open its arms to refugees. A city where old historic architecture blends with modern art and graffiti. I got to meet very interesting people in the process, who could immediately affiliate with the SEP concept and I hope would also become future ambassadors.”


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